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Injection Molding Mold in Industrial

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With the "Industrial 4.0" concept, injection mold in the field of industrial design has been the pursuit of lean and technology, through technological innovation, has introduced to meet the individual needs of users of products, in order to enhance its leading position in the industrial age of 4.0 .

Industry 4.0 is a high-tech strategic plan put forward by the German government. The project, funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research and the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology, aims to raise the level of intelligence in the manufacturing industry by building intelligent factories with adaptive, resource efficient and ergonomics based on the Network Entity System And the Internet of Things industry 4.0 has entered a new era of Sino-German cooperation, China and Germany signed the "Sino-German Cooperation Action Plan", the cooperation on the content of industry 4.0 a total of four, the first clearly stated industrial production of digital " 4.0 "for the future of Sino-German economic development is of great significance. The two sides believe that the two governments should provide support for enterprises to participate in the process of policy support.

Recently, by the Qingdao Haier injection mold Co., Ltd. to undertake the "second five" national science and technology support project "advanced injection molding process and new injection mold structure development and application of the promotion" by the Ministry of science and technology experts.

Qingdao Haier injection mold project leader, said the two types of injection mold structure, technology, simulation analysis, the project team to overcome a series of technical problems, with the CAD \ CAE \ CAM integrated design and numerical simulation, laminated Mold special hot runner, large precision laminated mold of the middle combination, a combination of two-color mold and a number of injection mold core technology, and developed a special robot system, to achieve the automated production. This technology has reached the leading level in China.

The success of the project and the implementation of the Chinese manufacturing industry to promote the direction of the era of 4.0 to lay a solid foundation. To enhance China's high-end injection mold in the industrial 4.0 era of research and development capabilities and international market competitiveness of technology, with the significance of cross-age.

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