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Injection processing common errors

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Such as swing hooks and buckles, are generally used in fixed-die core-cutting or in some secondary demoulding molds, since such mechanisms are arranged in pairs on both sides of the mold, Must be synchronized, that is, while the mold must also have to buckle, a certain position must also decouple. Once the structure is out of synchronization, it will inevitably lead to the mold is pulled due to distortion of the template, these parts and because of the high stiffness and wear resistance, structural adjustment is also very difficult, this mechanism short life, we open Modes of the time due to avoid using, you can switch to other institutions. In the case of relatively small pumping force can be used to spring out of fixed-mode approach, the core force in the case of relatively large core mold can be used to move back when the core sliding, must be completed before the mold core pulling action structure,

In the large injection mold some of the slider can be used hydraulic cylinder core pulling. The inclined pin core pulling mechanism is easy to damage the pin. This institution is more often the biggest problems is not in place in the processing and materials is too small, mainly the following two issues: the greater the oblique angle of inclination, his advantage is that in the shorter open stroke can produce more Large core pulling distance. However, when the pulling force is a certain value, the bending force of the inclined pin will be increased due to various factors during the core-pulling process, which may lead to the deformation of inclined pin and the wear of inclined hole. The upward thrust of the skid pin on the slider will be more and more big, this thrust will slide on the guide groove on both sides of the guide surface of the pressure kept increasing, thereby increasing the sliding friction of the slider. Causing slippage is not smooth when the guide groove is also easy to wear. According to the experience of some mold master, this angle should not be greater than 25 degrees


If some of the mold due to the size of the template led to slide the guide slot length is too small, the slide core in the completion of the action will be exposed after the guide groove outside, so the core-pulling phase and mold clamping reset Of the stage are likely to cause slippage of the slider or oblique guide column broken, especially in the mold, cleavage slider reset is not smooth, easy to make the slider damage, and even bend bending damage. According to the empirical analysis of the mold to do the core pulling action, the length of the slider in the chute should not be less than two-thirds of the length of the guide groove


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