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Depth: At present, China's injection mold industry in the development of the problem analysis

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As injection molding products are widely used in daily life, mold technology has become a measure of the level of a country's manufacturing an important symbol.

In recent years, China's injection mold quality and quantity have a relatively rapid development, but compared with foreign advanced technology, most of China's technological level of enterprises is still to be improved. At present, compared with the advanced level of foreign technology, China's injection mold industry, there are the following questions:

First, the contradiction between supply and demand is difficult to solve in the short term

Domestic injection mold domestic market to meet the rate has been less than 74%, including large, precision, long life mold to meet the lower rate. At present, the molds of industrialized countries are accelerating to China, and more and more international procurement is going on. Market demand, production development is also difficult to keep up, the situation will continue for some time in short supply.

Second, the industrial development is not balanced

Although the individual enterprise's products have reached or close to the international advanced level, but overall, mold precision, production cycle, life and other indicators compared with foreign countries there is a big gap between the overall level of industrial development is low.

Third, the overall level of backward technology

Some enterprises after recent years of technological transformation, technology and equipment level has been more advanced, and even some of the equipment level of foreign-funded enterprises do not lag behind abroad. But relatively most of the enterprises in terms of technology and equipment is still relatively backward. More importantly, poor corporate organizational coordination, it is difficult to integrate or mobilize social resources.

Fourth, the lack of enterprise development and innovation capacity

First, the proportion of technical staff is low, the level is not high enough, followed by scientific research and development investment. More importantly, most of the corporate concept behind the innovation and development do not have enough attention.

Injection mold enterprises should not only attach importance to product development, but also pay more attention to product innovation. Only enterprises in the technical personnel, technological innovation should have a solid strength, while the first time accurately grasp the individual needs of customers, enterprises can be stable and rapid development.

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