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DONGGUAN HONGYU MOULD CO., LTD was founded in Sep, 2007. It was located in Dongguan, which is a very important mould production Town in China, that has the strong support of the government¡¯s foreign trade policy, the high-class professional and technical personnel, and the complete infrastructure and services system to supporting the production. At the same time, HYM also has a great geographical position advantages¡ªclose to Shenzhen, Guangzhou, and Hong Kong, with very convenient land, sea and air transportation, that helps the mould and parts reach the world fast and smoothly.


DONGGUAN HONGYU MOULD CO., LTD establishes two main production bases-HYM and SKM, with a total area of 11,000 square meters, the plant area of 6500 square meters. With more than 150 employee are running on two shifts; Manufacturing high-precision injection mold, double injection mold, overmold, aluminum, magnesium, zinc alloy die-casting mold, die casting mold and other types of punching die. The products Products involved in the field of interior and exterior automotive, home appliances, consumer electronics, communications equipment, electric tools; our market keep being extended from the Southeast Asia to South Asia, Middle East, the Europe and America developed countries.


Hongyu introduced many advanced precision machining and testing equipments, as well as CAD / CAE / CAM and other advanced design and manufacturing systems form the United States, Germany, Japan and other developed countries, that can achieve the processing accuracy of 0.001 mm, to meet customers¡¯ requirements for product quality and precision. Meanwhile, the Board of Directors has decided to build our own industrial park, containing "technology development center", "training center" to provide technical and personnel support for the company's longer-term development. Under the overall planning and correct leadership the Board, Hongyu is committed to become the world¡¯s top mould supplier based in China and serving the entire world.


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