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Injection molding processing of a variety of common problems

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The following issues are common when injection molding process occurs.

Whether the mold is a special structure and special requirements? For example, the requirements of the mold is the use of mechanical hand to install and dismantle, if the mold acceptance process does not take into account this issue will affect the installation life. This also shows that not only stare at the mold is not enough, a set of mold system must be fully considered. For example: cavity pressure sensor, core pulling device, special mold heating and cooling methods, environmental cleanliness, vertical mold, multi-point injection die, manipulator and pickup device, accessories processing methods and so on.

Raw materials are generic injection mold manufacturers of plastic or engineering plastics? In general terms. Processing engineering plastics technology is more complex, especially inexperienced injection molding manufacturers. It is important to note that some components with processed glass fiber or reinforced nylon materials may require oil heating molds to avoid damage to the mold cavity or core due to the migration of the surface of the part due to glass fibers. Should be considered for drying equipment, screw, barrel, anti-reverse ring and other parts need to improve wear resistance and tear resistance.

How to determine the mold maintenance and use of the life of it? Time of the case, the die life in the actual use of the mold is not very important factor, because the mold in the use of the most important concern is the first mold The various design patterns, their manufacturing methods, various maintenance and other factors. A set of new low-standard manufacturing molds usually use low-grade steel to manufacture, but also does not mark the line marks, the top rail position, so that the mold design is more difficult for injection molding production and maintenance.


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