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Lack of talent led to the slow development of the mold industry

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In the past few decades, the rapid development of domestic plastic mold industry, the thirst for talent and requirements are getting higher and higher. But still can not solve this thorny problem, has become a major obstacle to the development of China's mold industry.

It is understood that the coastal areas of mold origin, there are different degrees of recruit people. In order to attract talent, many local mold enterprises and even cross-regional inter-provincial recruitment phenomenon. Three kinds of talents formed the mold industry. "Gold collar" staff proficient in mold design software and knowledge of mold structure, in practical work has accumulated a large number of practical experience of such people are suitable for the technical person in charge of the enterprise or technical director. "Gray collar" refers to the position in the design and processing of specialized mold personnel, such personnel in the enterprise mold technology positions accounted for 15%. "Blue collar" refers to the production position responsible for the specific operation of the mold and routine maintenance work of technical staff, accounting for 75% of enterprise positions, is currently the largest demand. Which has become a major obstacle to the domestic mold industry, strengthening the training of professionals is the mold industry is imminent event.

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