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Injection mold manufacturers die surface temperature is low

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Usually in our injection mold manufacturers when the injection molding, will find that only a reasonable control of the mold surface temperature, can produce high-quality plastic products. But how can we control the surface temperature? The following will explain in detail.


When molding engineering plastics such as POM (Polyoxymethylene), PA (nylon), PBT and PET (polyester), it is important to ensure that the correct mold surface temperature. Especially in the mold design to meet the basic requirements of the products, the injection molding machine operators must also be in the mold temperature control equipment to help produce a variety of good quality plastic products. Only in the mold design and manufacturing stage and try to close the perfect co-operation, the operator can avoid the follow-up stage of the mold of many problems


Mold surface temperature is too low will usually produce a variety of plastic products, the appearance of poor, and easy to identify defects. It was found that the surface temperature of the mold was too low, and that the size of the product was reduced when the product was used at a high temperature. Too low a mold surface temperature tends to reduce the shrinkage of various plastic parts, but the molded article shrinks.


The shrinkage of ordinary engineering plastic molds and the shrinkage of the molded articles are closely related to the surface temperature of the mold and the wall thickness of the product. Uneven heat distribution within the mold will lead to different shrinkage of plastic products, resulting in a lot of plastic parts are more than the standard size. If it is found that the size of the plastic product through a longer cooling time to be stable, if the mold surface temperature control is not good. This is due to the constant temperature rise of the mold and finally to the equilibrium time. Mold surface because of different regions of the uneven distribution of heat caused by the molding cycle is extended, resulting in non-stop production efficiency of injection molding products to reduce and increase the cost of molding.


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