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Depth: China's current status of injection mold presentation

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With the automotive, home appliances and other industries of rapid development, making the rapid development of injection mold. Injection mold industry in China's industrial production status has been pivotal.

Injection mold industry after recent years of rapid development, has shown some new trends: as follows

Production technology continues to increase
With the mold design and processing enterprises to improve the level of China's injection mold development from the past mainly rely on the fitter's skill to rely mainly on technology. Production technology continues to improve, which is not only a means of production changes, but also changes in production and the concept of the rise. This trend has promoted China's mold industry, the overall level of industry continues to improve.

To the information industry closer
At present, many enterprises have adopted the information age based on advanced technology, such as: advanced manufacturing technology and virtual network technology. These are the performance of industrial information, industrial production to the direction of the development of information technology has become the industry consensus.

Focus on industry development capacity
Now, our advanced industrial production units, has been relying on the introduction of advanced equipment to improve production efficiency, into independent research and development, success from passive to active.

Injection mold to a broader area of ​​development
Based on the development of market demand, new plastic materials and diversification of molding methods in the future will inevitably continue to develop, so the requirements of the mold is also increasing. In order to meet the needs of the market, the future of the plastic mold regardless of variety, structure, performance or processing will have a faster development. Large-scale, ultra-precision, long-life, high-efficiency mold; a variety of materials, a variety of colors, multi-layer multi-cavity, a variety of molding methods integrated mold will be developed.

With the continuous progress of human society and development, injection mold industry is bound to a wider range of areas and a higher level of development.


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