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The quality policy
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The quality is the life of a company, and to provide high-quality products for customers is the reason for company¡¯s existence. In order to ensure the product quality of the mould, we insist on four-meeting regulation: finished designing examination meeting, processing techniques discussion meeting, product examination and mould improvement meeting,  shipping mould summarization meeting. This makes sure the key production process from order to mould or part delivery, being effectively controlled. At the same time, all processing departments insist on the¡°self-inspection, and mutual-inspection¡±rule, that different processing units can be effectively controlled by the on-set of QA and all the employees, which greatly improved the quality awareness of employees, and problem-found, problem-solving initiative, so that all employees firmly establish the ¡°quality first¡± ideology.



Quality control processes

1.establish quality standard
2.incoming inspection
3.the quality control process
4.after-sales quality service

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