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Injection Mold Maintenance Plan

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Injection mold maintenance is not only good or bad will die about the life of the production plan also has a significant impact, and even affect the final manufacturing costs.

Daily maintenance workers responsible for mold maintenance work must be careful, careful operation, and ensure the best mold state, has been done in the production of effective, economical, as much as possible to reduce manufacturing costs. So how to improve the mold maintenance work! The following and Xiao Bian together to learn it!

First, the maintenance instructions: injection mold maintenance, the need to check the parts in accordance with the drawings. Even if there is no special instructions, but also in the storage when the inspection; shall not be allowed to modify the drawings do not meet the requirements of the size of the mold parts, pads or pads can not be used for additional insert, etc .; production orders completed mold maintenance , Must refer to the production department to provide the problem points, the production sector records and the final product; in mold maintenance, such as the discovery of major problems should immediately report to the supervisor, and wait for instructions.

Second, the specific requirements of the maintenance of the injection mold: mold parts in the replacement, the replacement parts to confirm the quality of qualified; components to be demolished, the assembly to tapping, pressure relief; mold insert assembly to confirm the gap with qualified; If any parts replacement, and timely communication with the mold design department to confirm, before and after the demolition of the mold, pay attention to maintain the various components pull and balance; if necessary to replace the need to replace the mold, Components, must be promptly replaced.

Finally, the daily maintenance of the injection mold must be carefully, carefully, to ensure that the mold at all times to maintain the best condition.

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